How to Transform Stress Into a “Challenge” So You Can Feel More Control and Be More Productive

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Video: How to Turn Stress into Positive Energy

— High Performance Leadership Trainer Daniel Friedland MD shares tips on how to shift your mindset so you can transform a destructive stress response into energy and resources you can use to feel in control, more productive and become a more influential and trusted leader.

If you want to become a better leader in the world, you have to first learn how to lead well from within.

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Timecodes Summary for the Video:

0:00 – What does it mean to “Lead Well From Within” and make a difference in the lives of others?

0:43 – What’s your current mindset? Does your stress cause you to cave under “threat” or rise to the “challenge” in your life?

1:23 – What happens to your brain when you feel overwhelmed

1:56 – How to turn stressful things that threaten you into a joyful “challenge”

2:28 – A story of converting threat to challenge that applies to you as a leader in business or healthcare, or as a parent, coach or teacher

2:49 – How do you lead? With negative comments or threats that scare people or by framing situations as a “challenge” that can create energy?

3:20 – The scientific formula that determines whether you experience stress as a “threat” or a “challenge”

3:32 – The relationship between “demands” on you vs your “resources”

4:42 – How to reduce the “demands” and increase your “resources” — especially at work

5:30 – How feeling “stressed about being stressed” can further deplete your resources

5:43 – Can you shift your mindset to see your demands as a “challenge?”

6:05 – Can you view your stress as a “resource” to leverage energy?

6:50 – Recap with the 2 key tips to transform threat to challenge


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