Daniel Friedland Interviewed for AIHM Integrative Health Conference

daniel friedland md chair aihm integrative health

Daniel Friedland, MD, Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM), appeared on several local San Diego television stations to promote the annual AIHM conference, People, Planet, Purpose: Global Practitioners United in Health & Healing Conference, which was held this week at Paradise Point Resort in Mission Bay. Over 900 integrative healthcare practitioners…

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Daniel Friedland Named Wellness Provider of the Year

daniel friedland awarded san diego wellness provider of the year

Congratulations goes out to our CEO, Daniel Friedland, MD, who was named Wellness Service Provider of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal in their recent 2015 Healthcare Champions event, held in Balboa Park in San Diego, California.

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Your Mindset Matters: The Surprising New Science on How Stress Can Energize You…

Do you want to hear the latest health reversal? New research proves that stress can energize you.

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Daniel Friedland Keynote on “The Power of Wellness” at Global Wellness Day


Daniel Friedland energized and motivated a crowd of health seekers by demonstrating the Power of Wellness and Wellness Empowerment at Global Wellness Day in Istanbul Turkey, June 13, 2015. Watch the full keynote here: Organized by Belgin Aksoy of Turkey’s Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa, Global Wellness Day was celebrated around the world in over 70 countries

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Women Ignoring Heart Attack Symptoms

Women out there – take control of your health! Watch this funny, but sadly, ironic video starring Elizabeth Banks about a supermom who takes care of everyone else first, while she is about to crash with a chest ripping heart attack:

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Use WellnessEvidence.com To Support Your Wellness At Home Or In Business

If you’re interested in finding out whether the medical evidence supports an alternative remedy to support your health and wellness, you may be interested in watching this FREE webinar. Susie Ellis, President of SpaFinder Wellness, Inc. and the Chairman and CEO of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit and Daniel Friedland, MD, presented this webinar…

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Mindful Leadership is at the Foundation of the Conscious Capitalism Movement

On the eve of the Conscious Capitalism Conference, at which I am honored to speak, I want to talk about a movement in business that is gaining momentum. I’m talking about purpose and values driven businesses, grounded in a vision for a better world and respecting all stakeholders in the process. It’s called, Conscious Capitalism…

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Peak Performance Bootcamp for the Brain

Join me for two live workshops on I will be holding in collaboration with Willow Stream Spas, from Fairmont Resorts. At Peak Performance Bootcamp for the Brain  you will learn to tap the unused power of your brain to achieve peak performance in all areas of your life, including your energy, memory and staying young.

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Part 3 – Telomeres – Measuring Your Health, Vitality and Longevity

In the last two blog entries, we talked about how it’s not just your genes that determine whether you’re healthy or sick. You can also influence how your genes get expressed (which ones get switched on or off) through your epigenetics. We learned that the expression of your genes depends in part on the environment…

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Epigenetics – Part 2 – How to Take Control of Your Health – Including Stress

In my last blog post, you learned that it’s not just your genes that can determine your health future. Your epigenetics can also determine your health, vitality and longevity by controlling which genes get expressed and which genes stay dormant. In that way, epigenetics can determine whether you stay healthy or become sick with disease.…

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