3 Tips for Navigating Stress from Dr. Heidi Hanna

Does stress continue to have an impact on your life? If so, get 3 of the latest tips on navigating stress from an international expert on stress, Heidi Hanna, PhD. [Click to watch the video below] Join Daniel Friedland, MD as he interviews Dr. Hanna about the latest scientific findings and practical tools to navigate…

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How to Transform Stress Into a “Challenge” So You Can Feel More Control and Be More Productive

daniel friedland supersmarthealth stress into challenge

Video: How to Turn Stress into Positive Energy — High Performance Leadership Trainer Daniel Friedland MD shares tips on how to shift your mindset so you can transform a destructive stress response into energy and resources you can use to feel in control, more productive and become a more influential and trusted leader.

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Your Mindset Matters: The Surprising New Science on How Stress Can Energize You…

Do you want to hear the latest health reversal? New research proves that stress can energize you.

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Resiliency Summit with Daniel Friedland, MD and John Coyle

daniel friedland and john coyle resilience summit

If you find that overwhelming stress is negatively impacting your enjoyment of life, you can finally get sustainable relief and start to feel more calm, focused and  at a half day event, the Resiliency Summit: Expand Your Capacity to Thrive Under Stress, in Chicago, Illinois on September 17, 2015. I will be presenting a groundbreaking science-based process that…

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Mindset Matters 008: A Mindset for Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement and why does it matter to companies?

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Mindset Matters 007: Mindset for Peak Performance

daniel friedland interviews his sons and competitive athletes dylan friedland and zach friedland

Join Daniel Friedland, MD as he discusses your Mindset for Peak Performance with his two sons, Zach and Dyl, who are passionate about playing lacrosse. So passionate, in fact, that they started a lacrosse training website called, How2Lax.com. As part of their lacrosse training, they invited their dad, Daniel, to shoot a video with them…

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A 5 Minute Mindfulness Break

doctor practicing mindfulness meditation

When Time magazine features mindfulness on its cover, you know it has reached a tipping point. Such is the case with mindfulness practice, which is now being used by Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, major universities and even government. It’s a practice that is gaining widespread acceptance because of a perceived need to re-train…

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Mindset Matters 006: Engaging Your Heart to Optimize Your Brain

daniel friedland interviews deborah rozman from heartmath

Daniel Friedland interviews Deborah Rozman, CEO of HeartMath, on engaging your heart’s intelligence to optimize your brain and mindset.

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Know How Your Brain Works To Navigate Stress

brain training with daniel friedland

Stress can tip you from being a peak performance leader into low performance leader. But if you know how your brain works, you can work your brain to navigate stress and focus on what’s most important in your life so you can achieve peak performance. For a quick primer on how your brain works when…

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Engaging Conscious Leadership

What does it take to be a conscious leader and operate at peak performance? Watch this 4 minute video to discover the difference between peak performance leaders and low performance leaders, and the one key factor that can prevent you from operating at peak performance: If you would like free video training on the 4…

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