7 Minutes to Becoming a More Conscious Leader: Dr. Evian Gordon Interviews Dr. Daniel Friedland

Dr. Daniel Friedland is interviewed by Dr. Evian Gordon, one of the country’s leading neuroscientists, for his Brain Revolution series. Discover the one quality that leaders need to become more conscious leaders.

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Next Generation of Conscious Leadership in Integrative Healthcare

daniel friedland with aihm student alliance

If you’re a healthcare provider or medical resident, have you ever been confronted by an abrasive attending or professor who belittled or humiliated you or someone on your team? Or have you felt harassed and beaten down by an administration that seems to want to grind you to the ground, not caring that you’ve already…

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Train Your Brain to Focus

brain training to improve focus with daniel friedland

  One of the most important skills to acquire to attain excellence in your business or profession is the ability to focus. Yet, in our increasingly interconnected, always-on world, we are multi-tasking more than ever.

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The Power Of Your Mind

daniel friedland supersmarthealth brain training

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