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"Would You Like to Transform Your Workforce Into a More Engaged, Innovative, Collaborative and Productive Team?"

Employee Engagement - It's one of the most important metrics to a business, yet it can be challenging to implement.

Current surveys show it tracks the 80/20 Rule - but not in a way you want:


20% of the 70% are the most challenging: the actively disengaged.

Actively disengaged employees are not just unhappy at work. They are actively engaged in acting out on their unhappiness and undermining what their coworkers and company can accomplish.

They are also more likely to steal from their companies, negatively influence their coworkers, miss workdays, and drive customers away.


What does that mean to you and your company?

Gallup estimates that these actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity.

That can be devastating to any company.

Businesswoman with  growth graph

On the other hand, studies show that actively engaged employees outperform actively disengaged employees by more than 20% in profitability and productivity and by about 10% on customer ratings.

Actively engaged employees also experience significantly less turnover, absenteeism, safety incidents and quality defects.

Those are significant benchmarks for any company.

That is why engagement matters to a company's bottom line.

What is the greatest threat to employee engagement?

It’s an epidemic of stress  that ravages you and your employees’ health, relationships and productivity.

Over 50% of actively disengaged employees surveyed believed that work stress had a negative effect on their well being and caused them to behave inappropriately.

By contrast only 6% of engaged workers felt their work had a negative effect on their well being and less than 20% say that work related stress caused them to behave poorly.



How do you transform your unengaged employees - especially those actively disengaged employees - into an actively engaged workforce, thriving in and contributing to the workplace?

It starts with addressing stress in the workplace in a meaningful and enduring way.


It Starts With A Leadership Team That Is Empowered To Create Extraordinary Change

There’s one key difference between a leader who gets their employees to create extraordinary change, and one who only achieves average success.

Great leaders are looking to inspire, empower and engage their people to want to achieve and enhance their peak performance on an ongoing basis.

And to do that, they are willing to first transform themselves, so they can reach out to their team with more awareness, authenticity, integrity and empathy to deliver improvements in productivity, collaboration, and engagement.

This is the embodiment of a movement called Conscious Leadership.

It’s a movement that has been gaining ground among some very impressive companies: Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Aetna, Google, Target, General Mills, for example.



Conscious Leadership is an approach to leadership that can be learned.

It gives you the knowledge, awareness and the tools to understand what is happening internally - in your brain when you’re under stress, and externally – how you project your stress and can negatively affect others by your reactions, your words, even your “vibe.”

And once you're aware, you have the tools to make easy changes that will affect your outlook on your life and the way you respond to others – including your workforce.

It incorporates cutting edge brain science with mindfulness practice to help transform your brain.

It will help you be a leader with unmatched performance, the one with a reputation for getting results.

Imagine empowering yourself with greater awareness, stronger concentration, deeper relationships, greater resilience, and a more optimistic outlook about outcomes.

Imagine knowing what's going on when your employees are angry or critical.



Your insight into their fight and flight reactions at this vulnerable time will give you a more effective and insightful approach to handling the situation with grace and empathy, so you can change behavior, not just avoid it.

Imagine having another approach to help your employees understand their unproductive behaviors. You'll be able to get through to them in ways you never have before.

And with that, their motivation will increase exponentially.

And once you have become empowered to transform yourself and your leadership team, the entire process can be replicated to bring transformation to your workforce.

We want to help you create the transformation you’re seeking with a cutting-edge program to help you achieve extraordinary results

"Introducing: A 4 Step System To Develop Conscious Leadership and Improve Employee Engagement So Your Company Can Thrive With Peak Performance"

Human brain and colorful question mark

If you want to rapidly increase engagement and productivity of your disengaged workforce, investing in a program that transforms stress into a roadmap for peak performance for your leadership team and your employees is a good business decision.

To stop stress from negatively impacting your corporate culture and implement culture change that results in employees that are calmer, more engaged, focused and productive, then we’d like to introduce you to our flagship program:


First we start with Developing Conscious Leadership within the leadership ranks of your organization.

Then we implement an Employee Engagement Program with your workforce.

Blending cutting edge science with mindfulness practice, the Program gives you and your employees the skills to become less stressed, more engaged and more effective at work and at home.

You become more mindful and emotionally intelligent at work.

It’s based on scientifically tested methods of understanding and changing the brain.

Unlock the power of brain science to understand, and then change habits and behaviors that could be negatively impacting engagement at work.

The process is  science-based so you can have greater trust in the process which allows you to engage fully with less resistance.

The result could mean extraordinary breakthroughs in relationships with colleagues, ability to collaborate, motivation, anxiety or depression, focus, decision-making skills and productivity.

With This Program, You Will Find You Can:

  • 1

    Neutralize Stress - Almost Instantly

    Spend less time focusing on the bad stuff and more time bringing positive energy into your life

  • 2

    Become More Focused, Creative and Productive

    By tapping into areas of your brain that get shut down when you’re under stress

  • 3

    Become a More Effective Decision-Maker

    By learning how to consciously de-activate or circumvent your stress circuits that prevent you from making wise decisions that feel right

  • 4

    Clarify Your Vision of Your Life’s Meaning and Goals

    And have a plan to achieve them – (because you will now have the tools to get the results you want)


  • 5

    Feel a New Sense of Power, Vitality, Energy and Happiness

    In your work, your business, your health and your relationships—(with the added bonus of knowing you won’t be hijacked by stress anymore!)

  • 6

    Become More Resilient, Empathetic and Communicate Better

    So you don’t fly off the handle with your children, your partner or your work colleagues anymore – think about the impact this could mean for your relationships, health or work

The System Empowers You With Scientifically Proven Skills To Become A More Conscious Leader So You Can Build Trust and Inspire and Motivate Your Team To Improve Employee Engagement

Your teacher for this program is Daniel Friedland, MD
President and CEO of SuperSmartHealth

Daniel provides innovative and evidence-based wellness and peak performance solutions for clients. He is an international expert, speaker and trainer in Peak Performance Leadership, Employee Engagement, The Power of Mindset, Health, Wellness, and Evidence Based Medicine. In addition to providing neuroscience and mindfulness based programs at SuperSmartHealth, he is a Board Certified Internist and Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.

Discover How A Wellness Program Can Deliver On Employee Engagement, Your Employees' Overall Productivity and Happiness At the Same Time:

We’ve had remarkable success with this program.
Here’s what people have been saying:

The program gave me invaluable tools to help me recognize when I'm stressed, and techniques to use to help me recover from stress.… I would highly recommend this program to everyone, whether or not stress affects your life. We can all learn to lead more happy productive lives with this program.

Abraham Broudy, MD, ABIHM, Children's Primary Care Medical Group

The brain science is incorporated at just the right level to be insightful and engaging without being too theoretical.

Evelyn Henry Miller, Chief Financial Officer, Agencies of Change

I find that I am breathing more deeply on a regular basis and finding little moments to take care of myself. Physician heal thyself! I find I smile more readily, am more resilient and am better at asking incisive questions of myself and others.

Ingrid Martinez-Andree, MD

As a university student , I never consciously realized how much stress and self doubt actually impacted my life. . . . The 4 in 4 Framework has changed my life forever. I was able to follow the program and really understand the key concepts and take-aways that I am now able to apply in my everyday life by helping me stay motivated so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Overall, this program has helped me to channel my negative thoughts into positive ones which has in turn allowed me to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life …. what more can you ask for? Many thanks.

Rachelle Samsoondar

I was struggling to understand/make sense of my mother’s rapidly declining mental and physical health while making end of life decisions for her, while trying to keep my large family balanced and on track. Through my work with Danny I was able to incorporate the overall practice of mindfulness into my daily life which brought me personal balance during the times when I felt most out of control and helpless. Through the program sessions I was able to work to bring peace into my life and inoculate myself against stress by exploring ways to build self compassion and resiliency into my daily life through “openness, curiosity, kindness and compassion.

Peggy Matson, Preschool Director and Mom Extraordinaire

I felt the program was very comprehensive and really helped me understand from a neuroscience perspective where our stress and reactivity comes from and how to manage it better.

Sonja Brion

I really enjoyed the 4-in4 Program. It definitely has helped me to be more "in the moment" and mindful. The program gave me tools to help handle stressful situations more effectively and helped me focus more on what is important in my life.

Physician wishing to remain anonymous

What I learned from the program is, I’ve lost 30 pounds, I have established an amazing relationship with my daughter....So from a personal standpoint this program has been absolutely amazing. You can take that into the work environment as well.  It’s taught me how to deal with all different levels of employees. I can communicate with our executives; I can communicate all down the chain. . . .

Jennifer Jung, Bridgepoint Education

I found the information presented in the 4 in 4 Framework easy to follow, user friendly, clear and concise. The benefits of viewing the videos and workbook as a family has allowed us to help each other out when we get emotionally charged. With a simple "I think you're going limbic on us" it has the amazing ability of channeling that energy into a more creative and sensible manner, within minutes.

Sendra Samsoondar

I can see a fundamental positive shift in the way I deal with trigger events that previously would cause a “fight or flight” response when neither was appropriate.

Duane Nelson, CEO and President of GWF Energy LLC

I have gone through some good changes because of the information I learned from the course. I am no longer depressed, I have more energy, and have new confidence in my abilities... I have also incorporated some of the mindfulness techniques into my daily spiritual meditation practice. I will continue to work your program.

Raquel Rosen, CEO, CAFP

The program and mindfulness have been very helpful in many areas. Interestingly, I have hypertension, which is familial and I am on meds. My systolic and diastolic are down by 12-15 points in the last several weeks!

Physician wishing to remain anonymous

The mindfulness practices are appropriate for anyone wanting a guided meditation, regardless of prior exposure.

Evelyn Henry Miller, Chief Financial Officer, Agencies of Change

The program gave me insight into the ways that my mind sometimes works that are not helpful to me. I learned to recognize when I was simply reacting to life in an unhelpful way and instead access my creativity and desire to pro-actively choose a life that is better for me and those around me.

Dr. Paul Gast

For the first time in years, I actually started to get some creative ideas for my practice. In addition, I was able to apply the techniques I learned for navigating stress immediately. The day after the workshop, I had a very busy day seeing 40 patients. I applied the 4-4 Framework with each and every patient, and I actually got through the day mentally unscathed. I would have never been able to do that prior to attending the workshop. Thank you so much Dr. Friedland for helping me to navigate stress and become more productive, creative, and happy.

Abraham Broudy, MD, ABIHM, Children's Primary Care Medical Group

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We'll Customize The Program According To Your Company's Needs

  • Live Workshops With Daniel Friedland, MD

    We will customize live workshops according to your needs and your budget.

  • Online Video Modules

    Get weekly access to 8 modules of online video training, each module approximately 60-90 minutes long

  • Downloadable Audio Files

    So you can easily download the content into your smartphone and work the program into your daily schedule, while on a plane, commuting or exercising

  • Integrated Workbook

    An integrated interactive workbook in pdf format with 30 minutes of weekly exercises, if you prefer consuming written content

  • Special “Members-Only” Webinars

    So you can check in with Dr. Friedland, ask any questions or just share your experiences with the group

  • Daily Brain Training Exercises

    Through structured mindfulness practice, so you can make enduring transformative change in your brain

Overview of the Online Program

Week 1 – Overview of the 4 in 4 Framework™ to Achieve Peak Performance

  • The science behind how your brain functions under stress compared with peak performance
  • A process that can rewire your brain to achieve peak performance
  • Scientifically proven practices that will help you become more resilient

Week 2 – Step 1 of the 4 in 4 Framework™: Recognizing Your Stress Response

  • Recognize your specific reactions to stress and self-doubt
  • Use scientifically proven skills and practices to “take the edge off”
  • Gain greater awareness and make wiser decisions when stressed out

Week 3 – Step 2 of the 4 in 4 Framework™: Reappraising Stress

  • Leverage a proven psychotherapeutic approach in the Appraise-Reappraise Method™ to reframe perceptions that cause much of your stress
  • Discover practices to become more resilient and self-compassionate
  • Effectively navigate stress and self-doubt and never look at these experiences the same way again!

Weeks 4 & 5 – Step 3 of the 4 in 4 Framework™: Cultivating Creativity

  • Identify and incorporate your deepest values and purpose into the VSIR™ Process to focus on what’s most important in your life
  • Discover a practice that will help you to more fully appreciate your body, engage in your health and vitalize your relationships and productivity at work and at home

Week 6 – Step 4 of the 4 in 4 Framework™: Making the Turn

  • Reorient and realign with what’s most important in your life
  • Feel inspired to ask better questions
  • Create an optimal brain state to find better answers
  • Take action in alignment with what you’ve identified as being truly important in Step 3 of the 4 in 4 Framework™.

Week 7 – Apply the 4 in 4 Framework™ to Relationships

  • Connect more fully with life partners, children and friends
  • Collaborate better with colleagues at work
  • Have more empathy for and employees you may lead or clients in your business
  • Inspire others to achieve their own peak performance

Week 8 – Summarizes, Integrates and Simplifies

  • Crystalizes everything into practicing one simple step that leverages all others.
  • Continually expand your ability to achieve and enhance your peak performance!

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