Conscious Leadership Podcast: How a Perceived Slight At Home Can Cause an Important Business Collaboration to Derail

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How can your teenager’s dismissive behavior at home put your important business deal at risk? And how does this relate to the difference between low performance and high performance conscious leadership? Those are a couple of the unique and engaging questions on conscious leadership discussed by our CEO, Daniel Friedland MD (aka Dr. Danny)  in a recent podcast with Greg…

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Daniel Friedland Speaks on the Brain Science of Beauty and Leadership at the Global Spa & Wellness Summit


It was my great honor to speak on the Brain Science of Beauty, Leadership and Spas on the closing day of the 2014 Global Spa & Wellness Summit in Marrakech, Morocco on September 12, 2014.

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Webinar: Mindset for Success

daniel friedland mindset for success with John Assaraf

Watch this webinar, filled with stories and tips on your mindset for success. Daniel Friedland discusses how to “lean in” to your stress, uncertainty and self doubt so you can better connect with yourself to achieve peak performance and success, along with more freedom of time and the money to enjoy it. Daniel Friedland is…

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Mindset Matters 004: Your Mindset For Manifesting Results

new years resolutions

To support you in making your New Year’s Resolutions stick, Dr Daniel Friedland discusses the brain science of why most resolutions fail and gives you a step by step process to prime your brain to create a mindset for getting results. What resolutions have you made for the New Year?  Post them in our Comments…

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Know How Your Brain Works To Navigate Stress

brain training with daniel friedland

Stress can tip you from being a peak performance leader into low performance leader. But if you know how your brain works, you can work your brain to navigate stress and focus on what’s most important in your life so you can achieve peak performance. For a quick primer on how your brain works when…

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What My 8 Year Old Child Taught Me About Mindfulness

My younger son, Dyl, amazes me. He has been having nightmares and coming to me in the middle of the night so he can feel more secure and get back to sleep. However, something changed last night, after I had spoken to him about the practice of mindfulness. When he had a nightmare last night,…

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Peak Performance Bootcamp for the Brain

Join me for two live workshops on I will be holding in collaboration with Willow Stream Spas, from Fairmont Resorts. At Peak Performance Bootcamp for the Brain  you will learn to tap the unused power of your brain to achieve peak performance in all areas of your life, including your energy, memory and staying young.

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Improve Your Brain Functioning with Mindful Walking

Earlier this summer I presented a workshop with the physician leaders of the Permanente Federation (the medical groups affiliated with Kaiser Permanente). I talked about “Leveraging Brain Science to Lead Change and Peak Performance.” The talk was based on my Achieve Peak Performance Program, which teaches you how your brain works so you can know…

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