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Get Inspired and Energized with Daniel's Evidence-Based Keynotes on High Performance Leadership, Healthcare Provider Resilience and Leading Well From Within - So You Can Lead Well In the World!

Daniel Friedland’s keynote addresses and seminars are widely anticipated for their comprehensive and actionable content and personal transformation.


He is the rare trainer capable of combining scientific and emotional intelligence for personal growth and professional development.

Daniel is a medical doctor who is motivated by inspiring others to transform their lives.

He focuses on delivering content that is both scientific and practical. After his presentations you will be empowered to take action immediately.


Recognized for his ability to blend motivation, passion and methodology, Daniel’s impact on his audience is life altering.

Speaking Topics

  • Leading Well From Within: Mastering Your Mindset for High Performance Conscious Leadership

    Discover how you can lead well from within–better navigating stress and focusing on what matters most–to become a high performance conscious leader.

    With proven neuroscience and mindfulness based steps you’ll learn how you can develop greater awareness and an optimal mindset to thrive in your life and engage others in higher purpose, shared vision and profitable results.


  • Creating High Performing Teams and Thriving Cultures

    We are wired to connect!

    In this presentation you’ll discover a neuroscience and mindfulness based approach to create high performing teams and a thriving culture that cultivates safety and trust, healthy conflict, alignment, and accountability to achieve collectively defined purpose-driven results.


  • Transforming Burnout Into Resilience

    With over 50% of healthcare providers and business leaders experiencing symptoms of burnout, it’s time for a change.

    Explore 4 evidence-based steps to transform burnout into resilience so you can rediscover the joy and meaning in your life’s work – and find more happiness with your family at home.


  • The Power of Wellness and Wellness Empowerment - How to Be the CEO of Your Health

    Did you know that many health conditions that negatively impact work performance and absenteeism can be significantly reduced by simple lifestyle changes?

    Discover 4 easy steps to become the CEO of your health so you can take control of your health and wellness and live a happier, more productive and fulfilling life.

Inspiring people around the globe

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Book Daniel For Your Next Event

Once we get details about your event, we can give you more information about Dr. Danny's fees and availability

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Here's What People Say About Daniel's Keynotes and Presentations ... 

“Daniel’s real world lessons from his rich experiences serve to frame the many challenges we face in seeking ways to foster mindfulness, agility and resilience in contemporary leaders.

On behalf of the members and participants in the Executive Development Roundtable at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, I fully extend our gratitude for Daniel's willingness to share his work and be with us to help us learn more about helping successful leaders get even better."

“I’ve had the honor of working with thousands of big thinkers in the innovation space and I believe Dr. Danny represents the quintessential thought leader.

His brilliant balance of head and heart; brains and compassion are a rare treasure that he puts to use daily to impact the future of healthcare.

He is equally at home in front of a CEO, a concerned parent or a frenetic entrepreneur. 

In fact, I recently asked him to lead a discussion at global entrepreneur summit at MIT and he was rated an impressive 9.7 out of 10.

The future of healthcare is a noble challenge. The fact that Dr. Danny has taken this challenge on with both his head and his heart, makes me feel incredibly strong.”

“Dr. Daniel Friedland was a tremendous asset to the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit. He energized and delighted our group.

His presentation was the second highest rated by participants (second only to Whole Foods Market co-CEO Walter Robb) and his practicum was the highest rated out of six.

I highly recommend Dr. Friedland and his work.”

“We were very honored to receive Dr. Daniel Friedland on the topic of Leading Well Under Stress.

He is an outstanding professional, with extraordinary communicative energy and passion.

He delivered one of the most powerful, insightful and thought-provoking presentations we have ever staged.”

"Dr. Danny's ability to authentically inspire his audience is second to none.

He is a true role model for living for the principles that facilitate leading well from within.

His approach to helping people shift their relationship with stress demonstrates the intersection of good science and genuine compassion."  

“Dr. Danny did more than close our Annual 2013 conference; he participated in many of the breakout sessions, broke bread with us at meals, and immediately became a new friend to many.  

He gave his keynote, not as another thought leader, but an intimate friend to our wellness community that understood our journey, drive, and passion.  

This intimacy gave life to his words through the stories he weaved about daily achieving peak performance through a framework that enables individuals to navigate stress and optimize their health, relationships, and productivity.  

At the end of his keynote, he paused, gave a Zen bow, that was followed by a spontaneous standing ovation, a fitting end to our conference.  

Are you looking for a keynote to engage and empower?  I highly recommend Dr. Friedland.”

#13chs am mindfully overwhelmed. Never had a closing speaker like Friedland. How am I going to close? With massive gratitude” – Tweet sent by Anne Warhover during Dr. Friedland’s closing keynote at the Colorado Health Symposium in 2013

"Daniel was a phenomenal keynote speaker! He was the dynamic close to the Junior League’s Mindful Leadership conference with an engaging, high energy that completely revitalized the room.

I continue to receive positive feedback from attendees who have already begun implementing his step-by-step, mindful approach, transforming the physiological effects of stress with their mindset.

Daniel’s passion for conscious leadership is unparalleled. He has an exceptional ability to connect deeply with a wide variety of people, motivating positive change.

Few others have the courage to speak from such a personal space and with his refreshing, raw authenticity.

This effectively empowered attendees to initiate the transformation they desired. He delivered meaningful, actionable concepts, infused with humor.

Daniel’s message is timely, powerful and necessary. We are filled with gratitude for Daniel's profound impact."

"Dr. Friedland  has created a unique and effective program .... Never before had I seen information that integrated the components of Evidence Based Medicine and Neuroscience, laying the foundation  to understanding our behavioral responses. 

The program teaches simple, actionable steps through Mindfulness, to make meaningful personal changes NOW, lowering stress and improving resiliency!

Dr. Friedland presented a Resiliency workshop to the entire medical community at Hunterdon Medical Center. 

Since then, hospital personnel are incorporating mindful moments into their work days; they can recognize reactivity in a coworker and are able to respond differently to them; they've had more satisfying interactions with patients (especially the challenging ones), even on long shifts/ weekends; and we've incorporated components  of the workshop  into Hospital Unit Safety Training to reduce medical errors and enhance patient safety and satisfaction."

“Dr. Friedland is a dynamic physician leader and speaker supporting the resiliency of individuals, groups and organizations in transition through his simple and compelling explanation of the neuroscience of change. 

He communicates and connects with audiences through effective materials and passion. 

The best part of his program is how he leads you to discover what is truly important in your life.

Everyone that works hard, leads people and/or cares for patients should tap into his knowledge and drive.”

More Video Samples to Inspire You

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The Power of Wellness and Wellness Empowerment

Global Wellness Day, Istanbul


How Conscious Leaders Can Leverage Neuroscience to Make Better Decisions

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The Neuroscience of Leadership and Beauty

Global Wellness Summit, Marrakesh


The Neuroscience of Imagination and Innovation

Global Wellness Summit, Aspen Institute

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