Leadership training from the Inside Out. Our newest online coaching program is based upon Daniel's new book, Leading Well From Within.

Master your inner game through neuroscience and mindfulness-based brain training to enhance emotional intelligence, communication, execution, inspiring engagement and trust in your team.

Lead Well From Within so you can Lead Well In The World.  Click here to learn more.

If you are a healthcare provider, you may be one of the 55% suffering symptoms of burnout.

Don't let burnout derail your career, your family life and take the joy out of your practice.

Now you can discover how to transform burnout into resilience, so you can find the joy and meaning in practicing medicine again and re-discover what (or who) is most important in your life.

Your family will thank you for it!

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Using the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience, combined with emotional intelligence skills, including mindfulness, you will discover how to calm yourself when stressful events occur, and apply skills to improve communication, focus, energy, productivity and creativity.

You can live the life you envision, in alignment with your values.

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