Mindset Matters 010: The Mindset of Conscious Leadership


Have you heard of the term, Conscious Leadership? It’s very popular right now in business and leadership development and training.

In this episode of Mindset Matters, Daniel Friedland MD introduces you to the concept  –  what is it and why does it matter?

You’ll discover:

  • What are the basic principles of conscious leadership;
  • Why the qualities of the most inspiring leaders match those of conscious leaders;
  • How do you cultivate a Mindset of Conscious Leadership;
  • How the Mindset of Conscious Leadership is vital to facilitating a mindset of active engagement among your employees in your organization and improving your bottom line.

If you want to motivate and inspire your company and your employees, listen in.  You’ll discover how creating a vision and foundation for your company’s culture and operating strategies is essential.  But it all starts with you and your willingness to look internally at past behaviors and practices.

This is the future of leadership development.

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