Mindset Matters 007: Mindset for Peak Performance

daniel friedland interviews his sons and competitive athletes dylan friedland and zach friedland

Join Daniel Friedland, MD as he discusses your Mindset for Peak Performance with his two sons, Zach and Dyl, who are passionate about playing lacrosse.

So passionate, in fact, that they started a lacrosse training website called, How2Lax.com. As part of their lacrosse training, they invited their dad, Daniel, to shoot a video with them to teach them about how to develop a mindset that will allow them to play at their peak level of performance.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the green play button above beside the words, “Listen to This Episode,” or watch a shorter version in the video above.

In this podcast, in the context of the lacrosse field, Daniel, Zach and Dyl talk about what sometimes prevents them from playing at their peak – stress and lack of motivation.

They talk about how they know when they are playing at their peak – and when they’re not – and how to deal with the stress or lack of motivation so they can approach the game with sufficient – but not overwhelming – amounts of stimulation to play at their peak.

The boys discuss how this applies to them when they’re playing lacrosse, but it also applies to any sport you may play, as well as your school work and your life beyond school, in the working world.

In the podcast, the boys discuss how the peak performance curve looks like on a graph. That graph is shown in the picture below.



If your kids are interested in playing lacrosse and would like to check out Zach and Dyl’s online lacrosse training site, go to How2LAX.com and get a FREE 7 day trial!

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