The 4 in 4 Framework to Engage Conscious Leadership

Your teacher for the live and online programs is Daniel Friedland, MD
President and CEO of SuperSmartHealth

Daniel provides innovative and evidence-based leadership and resilience solutions for clients.

He is an international expert, speaker and trainer in Peak Performance Leadership, Employee Engagement, The Power of Mindset, Health, Wellness, and Evidence Based Medicine.

In addition to providing neuroscience and mindfulness based programs at SuperSmartHealth, he has invested himself in walking his talk in growing as a leader as the Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.

Daniel hosts the Mindset Matters podcast, which is available for download here on iTunes.

The podcast explores the science and stories around how your mindset - your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions - can inspire you to improve your well-being so you can take action to enrich your life and the lives of others.

After his medical training in Internal Medicine at University of California, San Francisco, Daniel authored Evidence-Based Medicine: A Framework for Clinical Practice, one of the first books to outline methods to frame questions and find, evaluate, and apply medical literature searches to patient care.

Now all doctors are trained to make healthcare decisions this way.

He also co-wrote the Amazon best-selling book, The Big Decision with his 13 year old son, Zach Friedland.

Part story, part framework, The Big Decision teaches adolescents, teens, parents, teachers, coaches and leaders how to make better life decisions.

The book incorporates Daniel’s 4-Step Evidence Based Medicine Medical Decision Making framework with neuroscience to present a 4 Step Framework for Making Better Decisions – In Life or In Business.

Daniel's found his passion for training professionals in Resilience and Conscious Leadership during medical school and residency at UCSF.

He founded the UCSF Medical Student Network to combat burnout experienced by interns and residents, facilitate physician well-being and inspire the compassionate delivery of health care.

Inspired by this experience, he immersed himself in the fields of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness and conducted research on self-doubt to explore how he could help physicians and business leaders develop conscious leadership skills to enhance not only their personal well-being, but also the well-being of their colleagues, practices and organizations.

The Result:  The 4 in 4 Framework to Achieve Peak Performance, which forms the basis for the Engaging Conscious Leadership and Cultivating Resilience in Healthcare Workshops.

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