"Introducing: A 4 Step System To Develop Conscious Leadership and Improve Employee Engagement So Your Company Can Thrive With Peak Performance"

To stop stress from negatively impacting your corporate culture and implement change that results in leaders that are calmer, more engaged, focused and productive, we’d like to introduce you to our flagship program:


This is a 4 Step System solidly based on research, neuroscience and mindfulness that can re-wire your brain to become calmer, less affected by stress, more focused, in control, a better decision maker and more empathetic.

You learn how to deactivate your reactive responses and activate your executive brain functioning to become a high performance leader.

Here's How It Works:

Step 1: Recognizing Reactivity

Enables you to identify and and instantly take the edge off reactive thoughts, feelings and behaviors in response to underlying feelings of stress and self-doubt that can hijack conscious leadership

Step 2: Reappraising Stress and Self Doubt

Shows you how to assess what is specifically triggering the stress and self doubt and apply the "Appraise-Reappraise Method" to extract the teeth out of these triggers so you are less threatened by them.

Step 3: Cultivating Creativity

Empowers you to identify and incorporate your deepest values, highest purpose and greatest strengths into a clear vision and then implement strategies to drive the results you want to see in your health, relationships and productivity at work. These insights, skills and practices position you to inspire and mentor others to do the same.

Step 4: Making The Turn

This key step supercharges all the other steps by helping you create a powerful and productive internal dialogue to stay on track in alignment with your core values and with what truly matters at work, home and in your life.


We'll Customize The Program According To Your or Your Company's Needs

  • Live Workshops With Daniel Friedland, MD

    We will customize live, on-site workshops according to your needs, time and your budget. We offer 1-day, 2-day or 3-day workshops, each offering different levels of engagement and access.

  • Online Video Modules and Downloadable Audio Files

    Get weekly access to 8 modules of online video training, each module approximately 60-90 minutes long. With the downloadable audio files you can easily download the content into your smartphone and work the program into your daily schedule, while on a plane, commuting or exercising.

  • One-on-One Executive Coaching

    For personalized training and development, we offer One-on-One Executive Conscious Leadership Coaching – a 6 month engagement, fully integrated with the online program and workbook.

  • Integrated Workbook

    An integrated interactive workbook in pdf format with 30 minutes of weekly exercises, if you prefer consuming written content.

  • Group Coaching

    The program is delivered through webinars in a group coaching format, which is fully integrated with the online program and the workbook.

  • Daily Brain Training Exercises

    Through structured mindfulness practice, so you can make enduring transformative change in your brain

Overview of the Online Program

Week 1 – Overview of the 4 in 4 Framework™ to Achieve Peak Performance

  • The science behind how your brain functions under stress compared with peak performance
  • A process that can rewire your brain to achieve peak performance
  • Scientifically proven practices that will help you become more resilient

Week 2 – Step 1 of the 4 in 4 Framework™: Recognizing Your Stress Response

  • Recognize your specific reactions to stress and self-doubt
  • Use scientifically proven skills and practices to “take the edge off”
  • Gain greater awareness and make wiser decisions when stressed out

Week 3 – Step 2 of the 4 in 4 Framework™: Reappraising Stress

  • Leverage a proven psychotherapeutic approach in the Appraise-Reappraise Method™ to reframe perceptions that cause much of your stress
  • Discover practices to become more resilient and self-compassionate
  • Effectively navigate stress and self-doubt and never look at these experiences the same way again!

Weeks 4 & 5 – Step 3 of the 4 in 4 Framework™: Cultivating Creativity

  • Identify and incorporate your deepest values and purpose into the VSIR™ Process to focus on what’s most important in your life
  • Discover a practice that will help you to more fully appreciate your body, engage in your health and vitalize your relationships and productivity at work and at home

Week 6 – Step 4 of the 4 in 4 Framework™: Making the Turn

  • Reorient and realign with what’s most important in your life
  • Feel inspired to ask better questions
  • Create an optimal brain state to find better answers
  • Take action in alignment with what you’ve identified as being truly important in Step 3 of the 4 in 4 Framework™.

Week 7 – Apply the 4 in 4 Framework™ to Relationships

  • Recognize and leverage the neuroscience around how we are wired to connect
  • Connect and empathize more fully with life partners, children, friends and colleagues
  • Lead more effectively inspiring others to achieve their own peak performance

Week 8 – Summarizes, Integrates and Simplifies

  • Crystalizes everything into practicing one simple step that leverages all others.
  • Continually expand your ability to achieve and enhance your peak performance!

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