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Do You Want to Improve Your Organization's Culture, Increase Employee Engagement and Inspire Others to Make a Bigger Difference in the World?

High performing companies need high performing, inspiring and empowering leaders at every level who are effective leaders and can create a culture of active engagement that enhances business performance and creates extraordinary change.


This is Conscious Leadership.


Conscious Leadership (aka Mindful Leadership) is an approach to leadership that gives you the knowledge, awareness and tools to understand what is happening internally - in your brain when you’re under stress, and externally – how you project your stress and potentially negatively affect others by your reactions, your words, even your “vibe” that puts others on the defensive impairing their performance. Once you're aware, you have the tools to make easy changes that will positively affect your outlook on your life and the way you respond to others.

Conscious or Mindful Leadership is part of the Conscious Capitalism movement that has been gaining ground among some very impressive companies: Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Aetna, Google, Genentech, Target, General Mills and Southwest Airlines, for example.


Leaders Not Trained in Conscious Leadership Encounter This Problem:

When faced with inevitable stress, uncertainty and self-doubt, leaders tend to default to reactive and unconscious fight and flight behaviors.

These reactive behaviors erode leadership effectiveness and trust. They can also create cultures of active disengagement, adversely affecting business performance.

Leaders exhibiting more reactive qualities are associated with low performance leaders.

Science, surveys and assessments prove it.

Unmanaged stress is the greatest threat to high performance leadership.

High performance leaders have discovered how to manage stress so they can inspire, empower and engage their people to want to achieve and enhance their performance on an ongoing basis.

These leaders are willing to first transform themselves, so they can reach out to their team with more awareness, authenticity, integrity and empathy to deliver improvements in productivity, collaboration, and engagement.

We work with business and healthcare leaders to empower them to shift between low performance and high performance states, especially during the periods of high stress when the stakes are high.

To stop stress from negatively impacting your corporate culture and implement change that results in leaders that are calmer, more engaged, focused and productive, we’d like to introduce you to our flagship program:


We want to help you create the transformation you’re seeking with a cutting-edge neuroscience based leadership development program to help you achieve extraordinary results.

Here's How We Do This...

  • Leveraging neuroscience and evidence-based skills and practices from the fields of psychology and mindfulness, we have created a powerful 4 Step Framework that delivers results.
  • The 4 Step Framework incorporates cutting edge brain science and scientifically tested methods, including the practice of mindfulness, to help understand and change your brain.
  • We show you how you can unlock the power of brain science to understand, and then change habits and behaviors that could be negatively impacting engagement at work.
  • It will help you be a leader with unmatched performance, the one with a reputation for getting results.
  • The process is  science-based so you can have greater trust in the process which allows you to engage fully with less resistance.



Imagine empowering yourself with greater awareness, stronger concentration, deeper relationships, greater resilience, and a more optimistic outlook about outcomes.

Imagine knowing what’s going on and how to best respond when your employees are reacting with anger or criticism.

Your insight into their fight and flight reactions and how they may trigger yours gives you a more effective approach to handle the situation with compassion and empathy, so you can change behavior, not just avoid it.

And with that, their motivation and engagement will increase exponentially.

Empower Yourself With Scientifically Proven Skills To Become A High Performance Leader So You Can Build Trust and Inspire and Motivate Your Team To Improve Corporate Culture and The Bottom Line

With This Program, You Will Find You Can:

  • 1

    Neutralize Stress - Almost Instantly

    Know how your brain works so you can consciously put the brakes on potential low performance behaviors and become more resilient.

  • 2

    Become More Mindful, Emotionally Intelligent & Mentally Fit

    By tapping into areas of your brain that get shut down when you’re under stress, you'll discover how to increase focus, creativity, empathy and productivity. You'll experience greater self awareness with enhanced emotional regulation and feel less anxious or depressed

  • 3

    Become a More Effective Decision-Maker

    By learning how to consciously de-activate or circumvent your stress circuits that prevent you from making wise decisions that feel right. You'll feel more creative, collaborative, motivated, focused, clear thinking and a better communicator.

  • 4

    Clarify Your Vision of Your Life’s Meaning and Goals

    And have a strategic plan to achieve them – (because you will now have the tools to get the results you want)


  • 5

    Feel a New Sense of Power, Vitality, Energy and Happiness

    In your work, your business, your health and your relationships—(with the added bonus of knowing you won’t be hijacked by stress anymore!)

  • 6

    Become a More Resilient, Empathetic and Effective Leader

    Feel confident knowing that you can create strategic vision and direction to engage and influence others, especially in the most stressful of times

  • 7

    Inspire Others to Lead More Effectively Too

    As you become a more resilient, conscious leader you will have the insight and skills to mentor other members of your team to become more conscious and effective leaders as well.

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