How To Inspire Emerging Leaders’ Mindset for High Performance Conscious Leadership

If you were charged with inspiring a group of new leaders to approach the world with a mindset of high performance conscious leadership, what message would you give them?

Here’s the message I gave to some extraordinary integrative healthcare healers and leaders, the 2017 graduating class of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: 


This class is about to start their leadership journey in a world of increasing uncertainty and fear when it comes to health care policy and practice.

They face very basic questions like:

  • can I make a living and support my family with insurance coverage and reimbursement up in the air?
  • will my patients/clients take or reject my advice about their health and well-being?
  • can I really help transform healthcare for the benefit of all when it increasingly looks like it’s business as usual, at a big cost to patients and practitioners inside the system?

That causes a lot of stress.

So the question is, how do you inspire others to  begin their leadership journey and staying faithful to their deepest purpose with sufficient internal resources to help navigate this stressful, uncertain world and emerge into a leadership position with your values intact?

In my opinion, the key to leading and healing well in the world begins with leading and healing well from within.

Watch this video as I as I share the latest science and thinking on how to better navigate your stress as well as 4 key resources to becoming an effective healer and leader.

These core skills are vital to creating greater meaning and fulfillment in your life, as well as cultivating healthy and thriving cultures in business, healthcare and at home!

How would you inspire future leaders if you were to give a commencement speech? Let us know by posting in the comments below!



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