Who Is Daniel Friedland, MD?

Innovative and passionate speaker, trainer and executive coach on conscious leadership and transforming burnout into resilience

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Daniel Friedland, MD

CEO, SuperSmartHealth

Daniel Friedland, MD helps business and healthcare organizations transform their leaders and people from stress and burnout into high performing, innovative, engaged leaders and teams so they can take their organizations to the next level in a globally competitive environment. His programs on Leading Well From WithinConscious Leadership, Peak Performance and Cultivating Resilience in Healthcare are evidence-based with a solid foundation in neuroscience and mindfulness practice, and are presented with a warm, engaging human touch.

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Daniel's New Book:

Leading Well From Within:
A Neuroscience and Mindfulness Based Framework for Conscious Leadership

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Successful entrepreneurs, business executives, professionals and healthcare providers are confronted with massive amounts of stress, overwhelm and burnout on a daily basis. It can be both debilitating and lead to a culture of disengagement and fear.

But what if you could make a shift that could  transform stress, overwhelm and burnout to become a more energized, compassionate, values-based high performance leader, create a culture of engagement in your organization and feel like you're making a difference in the world?

You can if you learn how to Lead Well From Within. Get the book to discover how!

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The Leading Well From Within Program

Daniel's newest program transforms the learning from his book, Leading Well From Within, into action and execution.

The live or online training program explores how to harness the behavior and mindset of high performance leaders so you can lead better, live better and make a significant impact in the world.

Through the application of a 4 Step Framework applying neuroscience and mindfulness training, you will develop your self awareness and resilience to embody the qualities of conscious leaders: to lead with a higher purpose and intention, in service of all your stakeholders to make a positive difference in the world.

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The 4 in 4 Framework to Achieve Peak Performance Program

Since medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, where Daniel founded the UCSF Medical School Network, he has been passionate about the mental and emotional well-being of healthcare providers and the compassionate delivery of health care.

Inspired by this experience, Daniel immersed himself in the fields of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness and conducted research on self-doubt to explore how he could help physicians and leaders in business develop conscious leadership skills to enhance not only their personal well-being, but also the well-being of their practices and organizations.

He discovered how the powerful decision making framework of evidence-based medicine (promoting scientific intelligence) also cultivates the emotional intelligence needed to navigate stress and engage more fully into what's most important in one's life to achieve a more holistic experience of health and well-being.


As a result, Daniel created an online training program, The 4 in 4 Framework to Achieve Peak Performance.

This program is based in mindfulness and applied neuroscience to help you manage stress, increase resilience, become more mindful about your mind-body health, improve your relationships and increase clarity, focus and productivity.

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Who the 4 in 4 Framework to Achieve Peak Performance Program is for:

  • C-level executives who want to lead more mindfully - through the online program and 1-1 Executive Coaching
  • Physicians suffering from burnout who want to improve their relationships at home and find more meaning in their practice and professional lives
  • Employees participating in company engagement and wellness programs
  • People who want to take control of their mind-body health and wellness.


Daniel also hosts the business podcast, Mindset Matters, which explores the science and stories around how your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions can inspire you to take action to enrich your life and the lives of others.

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He has also served as President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and the Founding Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine - the largest association of integrative healthcare providers in the country.

Recently named a Healthcare Champion of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal, Daniel was awarded the 2015 Wellness Service Provider award.

He is the author of Evidence-Based Medicine: A Framework for Clinical Practice, one of the first books to outline methods to frame questions and find, evaluate, and apply medical literature searches to patient care.

Now all doctors are trained to make healthcare decisions this way.

He also co-wrote and published a book with his 13 year old son, Zach Friedland, called The Big Decision.

Part story, part framework, The Big Decision teaches adolescents, teens, parents, teachers, coaches and leaders how to make better life decisions.

The book incorporates Daniel's 4-Step Evidence Based Medicine Medical Decision Making framework with neuroscience to present a 4 Step Framework for Making Better Decisions - In Life or In Business.

In 2011 Dr. Friedland was instrumental in launching WellnessEvidence.com, the first Evidence-Based Medicine portal for the Spa Industry, and presented a keynote address at the Global Spa Summit to set the scientific foundation for the industry.

Along with Dr. Ken Pelletier, he was awarded SpaFinder’s 2011 Visionary Award (past recipients include Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil).

Recently, Dr. Friedland has given presentations on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Leveraging Evidence-Based Medicine to Empower Wellness, as well as at Global Wellness Day in Istanbul, Turkey, and at the Aspen Institute on the Brain Science of Imagination and Innovation.

Daniel's profound training and coaching is transforming lives - from top C-Level Executives to front line Healthcare Providers

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Global Leadership Trainer and Coach

Dr. Friedland has delivered over 1500 programs, reaching more than 75,000 health care and business professionals around the globe.

Proven Formula For Success combined with Leadership Experience

Dr. Danny served as the President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and the Founding Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.

He currently serves as the Co-Chair of Conscious Capitalism, San Diego and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, which provides High-Performance Conscious Leadership TrainingExecutive Coaching and Keynote Speaking.