Daniel Friedland Named Wellness Provider of the Year

daniel friedland awarded san diego wellness provider of the year

Congratulations goes out to our CEO, Daniel Friedland, MD, who was named Wellness Service Provider of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal in their recent 2015 Healthcare Champions event, held in Balboa Park in San Diego, California.

Daniel was recognized for his work in delivering evidence-based online training programs, live workshops and coaching in neuroscience and mindfulness-based stress management, burnout prevention, resilience and conscious leadership to help healthcare providers, where burnout rates are estimated at 50%.

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The problem of burnout among medical practitioners is not new.

In fact, Daniel first recognized the problem in the 1990’s in medical school at UCSF, where he suffered depression during his second year. Learning from his therapist that he was not alone – that in fact 60% of his classmates were also suffering symptoms of burnout – Daniel organized the entire medical school into support groups to help medical students, interns and residents cope with staggering levels of stress, self-doubt and burnout.

The medical school network was a resounding success, and, almost 20 years later, is still supporting medical students at UCSF today.

But burnout is still one of the big issues healthcare providers are facing today.

That’s why Daniel developed his training program to help combat burnout among healthcare professionals.

The program helps healthcare providers first manage and leverage the overwhelming stress they feel every day.

Using evidence-based practices, combined with a large dose of compassion, participants get to the essence of what’s behind their burnout.

Then they transform it into a new source of energy to find more meaning and happiness in their practices and deepen relationships with colleagues at work and their spouse and kids at home.

Ultimately, they get aligned with their values to know they are living a life of meaning and significance.

If you’d like to learn more about Daniel’s burnout prevention training for healthcare professionals, click here.



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