Conscious Leadership Podcast: How a Perceived Slight At Home Can Cause an Important Business Collaboration to Derail

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How can your teenager’s dismissive behavior at home put your important business deal at risk?

And how does this relate to the difference between low performance and high performance conscious leadership?

Those are a couple of the unique and engaging questions on conscious leadership discussed by our CEO, Daniel Friedland MD (aka Dr. Danny)  in a recent podcast with Greg Voisen on Inside Personal Growth.

Check out Episode #601 – Leading Well From Within on Inside Personal You can listen to it or download it here.

In this podcast Dr. Danny sets the stage for a beautiful day in San Diego, where he was looking forward to consummating a collaboration between two major players in the integrative healthcare space, only to have that vision shattered by a perceived slight by his teenage son.

A slight that penetrated Dr. Danny’s state of mind to such a degree that it triggered a state of reactivity, setting the stage for a near disastrous business meeting with massive downstream negative results — including potentially dealing a devastating blow to both Dr. Danny’s organization and his status as a leader.

Dr. Danny explores phenomena that may be familiar to you: have you ever experienced a seemingly random event that triggers stress and reactivity, causing you to react in ways that cause more harm than good?

Maybe something happened at home or at work and you yelled at your team or blamed someone for a mistake. Maybe your business deal failed. Maybe you created fear in others, preventing focused thinking, productivity and rational decision-making when the stakes are high.

The good news is, Dr. Danny explains what’s going on in your brain and why that happens.

And what’s more, he also discusses how you can consciously shift your mindset, become more consciously aware and mindful, and redirect your brain so you avoid self-destructing, damaging your reputation or causing irreparable harm to your relationships or organization. So you can actually build trust and confidence, not break it.

This podcast is packed with concepts involving how neuroscience, mindfulness and self compassion can lead to greater success in leadership, cultivate an engaged culture and improve business growth.

You’ll also discover the new science of stress: how to transform stress into energy that can energize and empower you.

If you keep listening, you’ll discover his 4 Steps to Engaging Conscious Leadership that you can instantly apply to improve your leadership from the inside out.

Dr. Danny writes about all of this in detail in his new book, Leading Well From Within: A Neuroscience and Mindfulness Based Framework for Conscious Leadership.  Click here get the book on Amazon.

If you have limited time and just want to get straight to the science and the 4 Steps, get the Leading Well From Within Book Summary here.


The main premise of the book is, if you can lead well from within, you can lead well in the world! Dr. Friedland shows you how to work your brain so it works for you, rather than against you.

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