High Performance Leadership Coaching

One-On-One Coaching With Dr. Danny

Do You Want To Break Through Obstacles, Reach Your Highest Potential And Create More Meaning In Your Life?

If you’re committed to optimizing your performance as a leader and making a difference, Daniel’s elite one-on-one High Performance Leadership Coaching  provides a framework for improving your life. 

Daniel will help you sort through what's keeping you stuck, shift your mindset, and set you on a path so you can focus on what's most important in your life.

Discover How You Can:

  • Get through challenging times, by learning how to navigate through stress, uncertainty and self doubt.
  • Create clarity, vision and focus on what’s really meaningful in your life.
  • Open your heart, feel like you’re growing, with the goal of achieving high levels of performance.
  • Create meaningful change in your health, relationships, work and leadership.
  • Move your life from success to significance.

If You Want To Make Meaningful, Enduring Change To The Way You Approach Leadership, Communicate More Effectively, And Create A Sense of Significance In Your Life, Then This Coaching Program Is For You

This program is based on Daniel's peak performance online training program, the 4 in 4 Framework to Achieve Peak Performance.

It was developed after years of experience with brain science, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, evidence based medicine and emotional intelligence.

Dr Danny can relate to what you're going through as a leader or a health care professional.

Daniel currently leads large groups of talented professionals, serving as the Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, President-Elect of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Medical Director for Barney & Barney, a leading insurance brokerage in California, and President and CEO of SuperSmartHealth.

Here's What You Get When You Join:

  • One-On-One Access By Phone

    You will have direct access to Dr. Danny by cellphone, text or email. You will have 2-45 minute scheduled calls per month for 6 months.

  • Crisis Calls

    If you are in a particularly stressful situation and need to talk to Dr. Danny immediately, he will do his best to be available to you immediately.

  • Access to Online Program

    You will have lifetime access to our online program, the 4 in 4 Framework to Achieve Peak Performance to continue your transformation over the long term.

  • Program Workbook

    We’ll deliver a bound 130 page, colorful workbook in case you prefer working and learning from written materials.

  • Downloadable Audio Files

    If you are on the go, you can download the entire online program, including mindfulness practices, in audio format. You can listen to the modules and engage in guided meditations when you’re traveling on a plane, going for a walk, or commuting (please don’t meditate while driving!).

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    We are here to help you. If you have any questions about scheduling, navigating the online program, downloading files or accessing material, we have on-site customer support staff  to help you every step of the way.

Breakdown of the Accompanying Online Training

Here is what you'll cover:

  • 1

    Understand How Your Brain May Be Derailing Your Best Intentions

    You'll take a quick but deep dive into the inner workings of your brain, so you have a greater understanding of how stress can derail you, but also how you can bounce back.

  • 2

    Learn How To Quickly Neutralize Stress So You Can Operate At Your Peak

    We'll give you skills and practices to not only recognize when you're getting stressed, but also give you a way back so you can feel calm, in control, focused and ready to make better decisions.

  • 3

    Turn Your Attention To What's Most Meaningful and Important In Your Life

    Once you free up your brain's resources, you can leverage more sophisticated areas of your brain to focus and execute on what and who are most important to you, and how to go from success to significance.

Achieve Peak Performance Online Program


  • 4

    Improve Your Most Important Relationships

    With your new understanding of the brain, you develop the awareness and ability to communicate in a way that is nonthreatening and feels safe to the listener. Heal damaged or antagonistic relationships with loved ones or work colleagues.

  • 5

    Help Others Reach Their Peak Performance Too

    Now it's time to make a difference by taking your transformation out into the world by teaching this to your staff and your family for richer relationships, greater productivity, better health and living a happier life.

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Look What Other People Say...

As the Mayor of Chattahoochee Hills in Atlanta, owner of a fast growing manufacturing business, husband and father, I try hard to balance my outside commitments with the needs of my family, often multi-tasking my way through the day, with way too much to do and not enough time or resources to do it.

Dr. Danny Friedland’s brain science-based system and personalized coaching has been invaluable to me for leveraging stress to work at higher levels of performance.

It’s really powerful when you know the science of how your brain works, and how to leverage that knowledge to better work your brain, especially during chaotic times.

Instead of being reactive under stress, I have honed the skills to be more aware and thoughtful.

I can quickly center myself with mindfulness.

I have the clarity to focus on the outcomes that would best serve the mission and the greater good, and can inspire trust and motivation in others to help us get there.

This has been a game changer at work, in my volunteer life, and in my relationships with my wife and children.

If you want greater clarity in your life, if you want to feel more focused, energized and effective to become a better leader – whether in your community, at work, or as a partner or parent at home – I highly recommend you do this work with Danny.

Tom Reed, CEO , DPM Fragrance

I needed some help with a personal issue that affected every aspect of my life, until I met Dr. Danny.

Dr. Danny was able to explain to my analytical mind the science around how I think and process information. With that new skill and understanding I was able to stop and think before reacting.

Problems, difficulties and challenges will always be here, but with Dr. Danny’s help I am able to access my full cognitive abilities and to catch myself, before reacting and making a bad situation even worse.

The tools Dr. Danny taught me will be with me forever and will help me in every aspect of my life.

I know that without a doubt I am a more compassionate, even tempered, creative and loving person.

I have more clarity, composure and control of my life.

I highly recommend Dr. Danny’s coaching for anyone looking to become the strongest and most effective version of themselves. Thanks Dr. Danny.

Jim Kanzler, CEO , Meta5

Danny's work with me and Sgrouples was absolutely critical and occurred during the hardest times.  Danny's coaching together with his online program helped me navigate remarkably difficult waters and keep forward momentum.

I cannot remember a tougher time in my life, and it was a blessing in the midst of it to have Danny's program, great meditations, and his awesome skill at coaching in be able to recognize just what I needed to support my growth and for helping me stay on track.

Mark Weinstein, CEO , Sgrouples, Inc.

I can see a fundamental positive shift in the way I deal with trigger events that previously would cause a “fight or flight” response when neither was appropriate.

Duane Nelson, CEO & President, GWF Energy LLC

I was struggling to understand/make sense of my mother’s rapidly declining mental and physical health while making end of life decisions for her, while trying to keep my large family balanced and on track.

Through my work with Danny I was able to incorporate the overall practice of mindfulness into my daily life which brought me personal balance during the times when I felt most out of control and helpless.

Through the sessions I was able to work to bring peace into my life and inoculate myself against stress by exploring ways to build self compassion and resiliency into my daily life through “openness, curiosity, kindness and compassion."

Peggy Matson, Preschool Director and Mom Extraordinaire

When I met Danny I had been feeling that I could be contributing to the World in a much bigger way.

I had and have a blessed life of having incredibly successful companies, great business partners, a wonderful relationship with my wife and family, loving extended family and friends, financial freedom, and the freedom to travel and explore new and exciting places with friends and family.

I also feel fortunate to continue to have the constant flow of challenging (and sometimes frustrating) situations every week by which to learn from.

Something Danny said to me when we first met that struck and challenged me and my next stage of growth... "By more fully opening your heart, you will attract a larger platform that will enable you to contribute to the World in a bigger way." I had no idea what that meant on a practical level, but since it resonated for me I decided to engage in a discovery process with Danny.

We began talking one-on-one weekly. Each week we co-created new discoveries that expanded my ability to understand how my mind affected my heart connectedness.

Where my limbic and prefrontal minds affected thinking that felt good versus right. And also gaining a much deeper understanding of how people around me were thinking and how to inspire more conscious conversations and decisions.

By engaging with Danny weekly, his philosophies started to have real practical applications and impact in adding even more depth and color to my already rich world. It has been amazing to grow with Danny and see and feel the expansion of heart connectedness and love with those around me... and feeling a shift in how I am able to contribute more deeply via my world of business and helping others.

While Danny's philosophies are brilliant, they are equally matched with a huge heart, passion, and compassion with those he works with. As I continue to stumble in my life, he has been there with a soft pillow for a landing and an easy transition into unpacking the real gift of learning in each experience for me.

Bill Flagg, Co-Owner, Avid4 Adventure

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Daniel's Concierge 1-1 Coaching Program is open to all who want to transform their health, leadership skills, relationships and their lives.

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