Mindset Matters 009: Your Mindset Around Money

your mindset about money

  Join Daniel Friedland as he interviews John Assaraf, on Your Mindset Around Money.

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Physician Resilience Can Avoid Risk of Medical Liability

  It was an honor to present the closing keynote at the PIAA conference last week in Toronto, Canada in front of over 300 medical professional liability insurance providers and health care executives. We talked about the very concerning issue of physician burnout and how to help physicians create greater resilience so they can feel…

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Try Walking To Boost Creative Thinking


Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are both known to take walking meetings to boost creativity. Now, the evidence confirms that walking boosts creative thinking.

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Mindset Matters 008: A Mindset for Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement and why does it matter to companies?

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4 Steps To Making Tough Decisions Under Pressure

how to make better decisions by daniel friedland and zach friedland

Here’s a great article from Forbes on Making Tough Decisions Under Pressure by my good friend and colleague, Mike Maddock, CEO of MaddockDouglas, a firm that helps Fortune 100 companies come up with their most creative and innovative marketing strategies. In the article, Mike gives you a synopsis of my 4 Step Brain-Science Based Decision Making…

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Mindset Matters 007: Mindset for Peak Performance

daniel friedland interviews his sons and competitive athletes dylan friedland and zach friedland

Join Daniel Friedland, MD as he discusses your Mindset for Peak Performance with his two sons, Zach and Dyl, who are passionate about playing lacrosse. So passionate, in fact, that they started a lacrosse training website called, How2Lax.com. As part of their lacrosse training, they invited their dad, Daniel, to shoot a video with them…

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A 5 Minute Mindfulness Break

doctor practicing mindfulness meditation

When Time magazine features mindfulness on its cover, you know it has reached a tipping point. Such is the case with mindfulness practice, which is now being used by Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, major universities and even government. It’s a practice that is gaining widespread acceptance because of a perceived need to re-train…

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Mindset Matters 006: Engaging Your Heart to Optimize Your Brain

daniel friedland interviews deborah rozman from heartmath

Daniel Friedland interviews Deborah Rozman, CEO of HeartMath, on engaging your heart’s intelligence to optimize your brain and mindset.

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Mindset Matters 005: Your Mindset for Creativity and Innovation

Join Daniel Friedland, MD as he discusses the Mindset of Creativity and Innovation with leading business innovation experts, Mike Maddock, Raphael Viton and John Coyle of Maddock Douglas.

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Mindset Matters 004: Your Mindset For Manifesting Results

new years resolutions

To support you in making your New Year’s Resolutions stick, Dr Daniel Friedland discusses the brain science of why most resolutions fail and gives you a step by step process to prime your brain to create a mindset for getting results. What resolutions have you made for the New Year?  Post them in our Comments…

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