7 Minutes to Becoming a More Conscious Leader: Dr. Evian Gordon Interviews Dr. Daniel Friedland

Dr. Daniel Friedland is interviewed by Dr. Evian Gordon, one of the country’s leading neuroscientists, for his Brain Revolution series. Discover the one quality that leaders need to become more conscious leaders.

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How to Focus on What’s Most Meaningful In Your Life

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3 Tips for Navigating Stress from Dr. Heidi Hanna

Does stress continue to have an impact on your life? If so, get 3 of the latest tips on navigating stress from an international expert on stress, Heidi Hanna, PhD. [Click to watch the video below] Join Daniel Friedland, MD as he interviews Dr. Hanna about the latest scientific findings and practical tools to navigate…

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How to Transform Stress Into a “Challenge” So You Can Feel More Control and Be More Productive

daniel friedland supersmarthealth stress into challenge

Video: How to Turn Stress into Positive Energy — High Performance Leadership Trainer Daniel Friedland MD shares tips on how to shift your mindset so you can transform a destructive stress response into energy and resources you can use to feel in control, more productive and become a more influential and trusted leader.

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Conscious Leadership Podcast: How a Perceived Slight At Home Can Cause an Important Business Collaboration to Derail

Leading Well From Within by Daniel Friedland MD - Get Book

How can your teenager’s dismissive behavior at home put your important business deal at risk? And how does this relate to the difference between low performance and high performance conscious leadership? Those are a couple of the unique and engaging questions on conscious leadership discussed by our CEO, Daniel Friedland MD (aka Dr. Danny)  in a recent podcast with Greg…

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Two Ways To Reduce Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is a problem that can be solved. Discover two ways to reduce physician burnout for your healthcare organization.

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[Infographic] When Is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Have you ever wondered what’s the best time of day to work out?

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How to Become More Resilient and Perform Better Under Stress

I love speaking and having conversations on how to become more resilient and perform better while under greater amounts of stress. It is by far the greatest need in our culture today. Everyone can benefit from learning a bit more about how stress affects our bodies and our brains. And what we can do to…

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Next Generation of Conscious Leadership in Integrative Healthcare

daniel friedland with aihm student alliance

If you’re a healthcare provider or medical resident, have you ever been confronted by an abrasive attending or professor who belittled or humiliated you or someone on your team? Or have you felt harassed and beaten down by an administration that seems to want to grind you to the ground, not caring that you’ve already…

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Daniel Friedland Interviewed for AIHM Integrative Health Conference

daniel friedland md chair aihm integrative health

Daniel Friedland, MD, Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM), appeared on several local San Diego television stations to promote the annual AIHM conference, People, Planet, Purpose: Global Practitioners United in Health & Healing Conference, which was held this week at Paradise Point Resort in Mission Bay. Over 900 integrative healthcare practitioners…

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