How to Become More Resilient and Perform Better Under Stress

I love speaking and having conversations on how to become more resilient and perform better while under greater amounts of stress.

It is by far the greatest need in our culture today. Everyone can benefit from learning a bit more about how stress affects our bodies and our brains. And what we can do to make life better instead of crumbling under the pressure.

In fact, last week I had my friend and colleague, John K. Coyle, over for dinner, where we had an opportunity to discuss these topics and de-stress with a glass of wine and engage in real, as opposed to virtual, eye-to-eye social connection.

John is a speaker and expert on extracting more meaningful time out of our lives. You can learn more about him at his website, The Art of Really Living. As a former Olympic silver medalist in short track speed skating, where every race is a seconds-long potentially life-threatening experiment, he is intimately connected with how to increase resilience so you can operate at higher levels of performance with even greater levels of stress.

We have complementary approaches and definitely agree that there are some simple and powerful things you can do now to manage your stress and increase your resilience. For a look at John’s take on resiliency—how you can reduce, recover and reframe your experience with stress—check out his new blog post here.

In my approach to resiliency I teach you how to navigate and leverage stress so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

The system is called, The 4 in 4 Framework.™ In that system you can discover how to:

1) Recognize and Manage Stress (so you can quickly identify and take the edge off your stress reaction (anger, irritability, frustration) in the heat of the moment).

2) Reappraise Stress and Self-Doubt (to help you extract the teeth out of these threatening thoughts and feelings that drive much of your reactivity to begin with).

While conventional wisdom teaches us to try to eliminate stress, that often just causes us to feel stressed about being stressed in a never-ending cycle. By contrast, my system teaches you how to leverage stress to achieve even higher levels of performance at greater levels of stress.

3) Cultivate Creativity (by focusing on what truly matters in your life).

This step helps you to optimize your health (including your nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness), relationships, productivity and sense of meaning at work, all of which inoculates you from stress and cultivates resiliency.

4) Catalyze your growth (by creating a more empowering and inspiring internal dialogue).

You learn how to transforms much of your automatic negative thinking and self talk to focus on what’s truly important and thrive with greater joy and significance in your life.

These 4 steps are key to shifting between a reactive and creative mindset so you can lead with greater impact and influence, whether you lead an organization or are a healer, coach, teacher, parent.

If you are interested in learning more about this mindfulness and neuroscience-based approach to leveraging stress, cultivating resiliency, and leading more effectively in the world download a free chapter from my forthcoming book, Leading Well From Within.


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